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According to studies, 90% of Indians are nutritionally deficient. Conventional oral supplements are difficult for your body to absorb and produces slow results, whereas IV nutrient therapy provides 100% bioavailability for rapid results. Our signature IV drips treat your symptoms with vitamins, fluids, electrolytes, and minerals, allowing you to feel better faster

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We all have different health objectives and nutritional requirements. Our team will assist you in choosing the right therapy for your requirements, so you can feel your best


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Our Approach To Well Being

Your body is a highly complex and dynamic machine. Like all machines, your body requires constant care and attention to continue performing, feeling, and looking its best. Vitamins, minerals, micronutrients amino acids, and antioxidants are essential for optimal functioning of your body. It can sometimes feel like a full-time job just making sure your body stays healthy.
We are here to help. To take the stress out of healthy living and keeping you at your best! Our IV therapies, formulated by world-renowned experts, are the direct and most-effective means of delivering what your body needs without the need to juggle countless bottles of vitamins, supplements, and powders.

Therapy Benefits

We all have different health goals and nutritional needs. Our team will help you find the right therapy based on your needs, so you can feel your absolute best


    What our customers say

    What an amazing experience! Thank you, Renew Now for your Immunity Booster IV drip. I’m totally ready for my next drip.


    The Glutathione IV drip was truly the best choice and has showed instant results. Excellent service you guys! A solid 5 stars.

    Aakriti Dhiman

    Felt totally exhausted because of the heavy workload and thought to take the Rehydration drip with my colleagues. The office space created at Renew Now was quite stunning and we could feel the difference almost immediately.

    Karan Saxena